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Nā Kai `Ewalu is a Hawaiian Canoe and Cultural Club

Membership shall be open to any individual interested in reviving, developing and perpetuating Hawaiian culture and traditions through instruction and training.

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Membership Divisions

Member Agreement

To revive, develop & perpetuate Hawaiian Culture & Traditions

  • Communicate positively & effectively with the Board of Directors, Coaches and Crew.
  • Respect NKE property, fellow members, others and self.
  • Participate in fundraisers, cultural activities and other NKE functions.
  • Attendance, Positive Attitude and Performance will be considered when crews are set.
  • Dues are non-refundable and must be paid before you can participate
  • All safety rules and regulations must be followed to protect NKE property, members and their `ohana.

Equipment & Hale

Here are a few Hale rules we’d like to share to keep our Hale and equipment in good working order:

  • Please keep hale clean. If you see trash around the hale please pick it up and throw it away.
  • Do not drag, hit, sit on or damage canoes. Our canoes are very expensive, we must respect our wa`a.
  • Please return any paddles or other equipment you use during practice or races.
  • Absolutely NO drug use or underage drinking is permitted on NKE premises or during any NKE activities.
  • Smoking, dogs, skateboarding, bike riding, roller blading, etc. are not permitted in the Hale or cement area surrounding the Hale.
  • Guests are always welcome but will be held in the same regard as a Club member. Club members are responsible for their guest.

If you have any trade skills and would like to help out the club, please see one of our Board members.

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To revive, develop & perpetuate Hawaiian Culture & Traditions