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Helu Ekahi!

Nā Kai `Ewalu is a Hawaiian Canoe and Cultural Club

Founded in 1972, Nā Kai `Ewalu was named after the eight ocean channels surrounding the seven main islands in the Hawaiian chain. The club was formed as a non-profit, tax- exempt corporation to revive, develop and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and traditions through instruction and training.

As one of Maui’s oldest clubs, we invite you to join us in our passion for the ocean, wind, and waves!


2022 Dues

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Rec dues are $75 and can be applied towards your Racing Membership once Regatta Season is confirmed for 2022. Please visit the membership page to submit payment online and be sure to fill out a current waiver before getting in a canoe.

OC Storage
Your membership must be current to store your canoe. Please visit the membership page to register and pay for storage all at once.

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To revive, develop & perpetuate Hawaiian Culture & Traditions