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Helu Ekahi!

Nā Kai `Ewalu is a Hawaiian Canoe and Cultural Club

Founded in 1972, Nā Kai `Ewalu was named after the eight ocean channels surrounding the seven main islands in the Hawaiian chain. The club was formed as a non-profit, tax- exempt corporation to revive, develop and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and traditions through instruction and training.

As one of Maui’s oldest clubs, we invite you to join us in our passion for the ocean, wind, and waves!


We’re seeing some action.
Check with the coaches on how to imua!


If you’ve taken a few spins in our canoe, or you’re ready to store your personal OC at the hale, we’d love to get some support—and we’ll make it easy. Click the buttons below to renew your membership and pay online.

Note to Members
Since regatta season is not happening this year, we are only requesting $65 rec dues. Please fill out a current waiver if you’re joining us on the water as well.

Note on OC Storage:
Your membership must be current to store your canoe. Please fill out the quick registration form on the membership page to get started. You can pay for membership & OC storage all at once.

See you out there! 

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To revive, develop & perpetuate Hawaiian Culture & Traditions