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Koa Canoe Help

Uncle Mike Adams and Uncle Boogie Wainui, whom are building on our beautiful koa canoe, are still looking for some men to help.  They

Koa Canoe Help 2019-01-14T14:36:00-10:00

Kealakapu na holokai

This beautiful koa canoe was built by one of NKE's Founder, Mike Adams. The literal meaning of this canoe is "the path

Kealakapu na holokai 2018-11-15T11:52:29-10:00


`Au`au means to bathe. This is the channel between Maui and Lana`i.

`Au`au 2018-10-02T12:21:23-10:00


Channel between Kaua`i and Ni`ihau. This was one of NKE’s first canoes.

Kumukahi 2018-10-02T12:15:46-10:00

Ka manu `au`au

The bird of the `Au`au channel. This is the channel between Maui and Lana`i. The `Au`au was a Force 5.

Ka manu `au`au 2018-10-02T12:19:44-10:00


Ka`ie`iewaho is the channel between O`ahu and Kaua`i. This is the common name for this channel which means the vine outside.

Ka`ie`iewaho 2018-10-02T12:06:57-10:00


Koa canoe built by Mike Adams which burned in the 1996 Hale fire.

Kealaikahiki 2018-10-02T12:03:43-10:00


Channel between Maui and Moloka`i which means lifting and shifting. This was a Hawaiian Racer.

Pailolo 2018-10-02T12:01:41-10:00