Success!!!!!!!!!!!! A koa tree blessed Nā Kai `Ewalu with her spirit by beginning the process of becoming the Wai Lipo project koa canoe. This tree chose to fall when and where we would find her. As near as we could ascertain and from what Sonny Bradley (canoe shaper) and Don Yokoyama (Dept. of Forestry) said, it fell within a couple of weeks prior to our claiming her in the name of Nā Kai `Ewalu.

With the guidance of Uncle Kimokeo, we (crew as shown) were involved and educated in the ceremonies giving proper respect to the Mana of the forest and Kupuna.

I, for one would like to thank all club members for not ever giving up on our dream of acquiring a koa tree. This koa log has been on a long journey to be with us and had we given up on her she would not have fulfilled her destiny.

Victory is gained by resolution and determination. Mana Nā Kai `Ewalu!

Aloha and mahalo to all who have been involved in this process for the past 6 years while we have waited and wondered if this day would come. We have logged our La`au out of the forest and it has traveled from the slopes of Mauna Kea, Big Island to Sonny Bradley’s canoe hale at the base of the Ko`olau’s on O`ahu’s north shore. THIS PROCESS REQUIRED MACHINERY, and many hands and spirits working together. However, the journey is only just beginning. We need volunteers to visit O`ahu and assist Uncle Sonny with the physical work on the koa. Imagine paddling in this canoe having helped to shape it from a rough log into the canoe it will become.

The latest update: The bark has fallen off the tree! Sony is continuing to shape the log.