Nā Koaliʻi at Koʻieʻie Fishpond

Below are photos of our keiki enjoying the day at Koʻieʻie Fishpond this past Sunday. Under the guidance of Uncle Kimokeo and Uncle Vene, our keiki learned about Koʻieʻie Fishpond and helped to restore part of the wall. Uncle Vene taught our keiki a new haka that only our keiki know. There are 2 videos of him leading them with that haka. They also chanted E Ku Mau Mau, and did a haka “challenging” Uncle Kimokeo which are both depicted in video.

After lunch, Uncle Kimokeo taught them about celestial naviagation. They learned how our ancestors navigated to Hawaiʻi using the stars, currents, birds, winds, etc. The day ended with the keiki swimming and having lots of fun with one another.

It was a wonderful learning experience not just for the keiki, but for the parents and other adults who came as well.

Mahalo to all the parents who brought ono potluck dishes to feed our hungry, hard working keiki and to those who came to work and enjoy the day with us. Mahalo to Coach Lars, Coach Larson, Jojo, Trish, Uncle Boogie, Louisa, Wendy and Robin for helping to malama our keiki.

Mahalo nui loa Uncle Kimokeo and Uncle Vene for giving our keiki an unforgettable day!



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