Attention 2019 paid members with boat storage, current boat storage owners, board members and coaches.  Hale locks will be changed Monday, Feb 11th at 12:00, noon.

If you do not already have a new key, you can obtain one at the hale on the following days:

Monday, Feb 11th, 5:00-6:00,
Tuesday, Feb 12th,  5:00-6:00,
Wednesday, Feb 13th, 5:00-6:00.

If you do not pick up your key by Wednesday you will need to contact a board member to gain entrance to the hale.  Only 2019 paid members with boat storage, coaches and board members can obtain a key.  For more information contact the board at

Boat storage locations will be issued in the next week and members will be requested to relocate their boats per plan.  Boat storage location priority will be based on payment dates.  A layout with boat owners will be displayed at hale.  Any unpaid boats may be temporarily relocated until owners can be contacted.