We are re-keying the hale and at the same time would like to reset and renew the OC storage agreements.  If you have an OC stored in the hale, you will need to complete the membership form for 2019 along with payment before January 1, 2019 or your boat will be removed from the hale.  We are also re-keying the locks.  Only members will be allowed to store OC’s in the hale (1 per membership that includes hale storage).  Please see attached membership levels and complete form to renew.  Once you renew, you will be given a new key.  

The location of your OC will be based on a first come first serve basis.  The date that you submit payment or postmark payment will determine the order in choosing the location for your canoe.   Please see attached diagram of canoe locations and give a priority of locations.   You must also sign the storage agreement included in the attached  document. 
If you would like to abandon or donate your canoe to the club, we are a 501c3 organization and can give you a receipt for your gift for tax purposes.  If no one has claimed a canoe by January 1, 2019, the club will take ownership of the canoe.  We will do everything possible to advertise and remind boat owners that they need to update their membership and storage agreements before that date but the responsibility is on the owners to accomplish.
 If you know of any canoe owners that have moved off island or sold their canoe to a non-member, or are no longer a member, please let that person know that they have to establish membership and renew the storage agreement in order to keep their boat in the storage area.  Your help in identifying all boat owners is greatly appreciated.
We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers and one of the volunteer opportunities is for the membership committee.  Please respond to this email or text Tammy Campbell (tammy.campbell@outlook.com/808-757-8802)if you are interested in helping with membership and the membership drive for 2019.